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Whippet Exclusive litter from champion of Russia and Europe for active families. Puppies are 2 month old, vaccinated, trained to use diaper, the 5th finger is removed, have stamp of RKF have rare color (dark blue without spots). The dogs are sleek-haired, peaceable, get on with any other pets, socialized. They are very sturdy, it’s possible to take them to long walks or bicycling or take you dog to the training and competition of mechanical rabbit hunting. Exclusive double litter, the previous litter took place two years ago. All four puppies took top places at the races and won the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th places at the championship of РКФ on June 14, 2015. Father Lakshery Indigo – champion of Russia, Grand champion of Russia, champion of Russia of greyhound races (circle), champion of Europe (coursing). http://thewhippetarchives.net/details.php?id=112484 Mother Dedli Vendetta - champion of Russia, champion of RKF champion of Russia of greyhound races (coursing). http://thewhippetarchives.net/details.php?id=92924 You can contact the breeder any time at http://whippet.borda.ru/?1-16-0-00000141-000-0-0-1433878764. Also please see http://www.uralracingclub.ru/club/15-puppys.html https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=889452581126273&l=a69e5f7293