Natural vegetable glycerin
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Order our natural flora Glycerin You can wholesale and retail at the lowest prices. Glycerin comply with European food safety. Confirmed as a food additive E422 Glycerol. Soap-Opt.kom.yua supplies to Ukraine for nearly 60% of its products to create cosmetics and liquids for electronic cigarettes. Our quality pledge of your health. Delivery across Ukraine to UAH 150 for free. We deliver your orders in all cities of the CIS, Europe, Russia and the World. We VKontakte: club57393184 Ќаш сайт: мыло-опт com ua +38(063)69-00-756 - +38(095)81-13-091 +38(095)81-13-092 - +38(063)69-00-672 www.мыло-опт +380636900756, +380958113091 +380958113092, +380636900672 Our group VKontakte: vk com/club57393184 1st deadlock Sandy, 10, Poltava, Kremenchuk, 39600, Ukraine

C3H8O3, Glycerin, Cosmetics, Cream, E422, Lipstick