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Special dyes for solid carved candles and solid staining of paraffin. German manufacturers have worked on the quality and vivid colors of candle dyes. These dyes are suitable for the whole (entire mass coloration candles), and surface staining (unstained by dipping in a colored paraffin candles). Therefore, these dyes are ideally suited for the flood, and carved candles. This dye is not suitable for gel candles. Dyes painted in bright, saturated colors. Advantages of dyes for candles • Wide range of colors. All bright and saturated colors; • The colors blend together perfectly; • Consumption for the whole coloring of candles is 2-4 grams per 1 kg of wax for dyeing by dipping - 10 grams per 1 kg of wax; • We supply to Ukraine and only quality-tested product; • Buy online soap opt.kom.yua dyes you can wholesale from 1 kg and retail 5 grams; • Our prices are suitable for those who are engaged in candle business seriously, as well as for beginners. The price of dyes for Paraffin candles • 5gramm - 15,80grn • 100gramm - 160,29grn • 500gramm - 650,93grn • 1000gramm - 1040,21grn Delivery dyes for candles carried out every day in every city of Ukraine. Our store candle business can offer customers the most appropriate products for the creation and decoration of candles. We also deliver orders in Russia, Crimea, CIS countries and Europe. We VKontakte: club57393184 Наш сайт: мыло-опт com ua + - + + - +

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