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Coconut oil is a valuable product is consumed worldwide in large quantities. Buy coconut oil can now be everywhere, from shopping soap making, ending a major supplier to Ukraine. In the year of Ukraine consumes 50 tons of solid oil. Natural coconut oil prolongs youth of your face and body, filling all the necessary micronutrients skin. Buy wholesale Coconut little you can convenient packaging from 1 kg up to 1 tonne. Retail sales of coconut oil for the domestic cosmetics also delight customers prepacking of 100 grams. Company "soap- wholesale" segment covers the entire cosmetics handmade. The site "soap-opt" You'll find all kinds of oils and ingredients to create their cosmetics. We're on Facebook: Tel: +38(068) 153.72.52 www.мыло-опт Tel: +380681537252 Our group VKontakte:

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